Encyclopedia of Language and Literacy Development
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Oral Language
arrowProcesses in Language Development
arrowLanguage Development in English
arrowLanguage Development in French
arrowLanguage Development in Arabic
arrowMultilingual Language Development
arrowLanguage Development in French-English Bilinguals
arrowLanguage Development in Canadian Aboriginal Children
arrowSpeech and Language Disorders
arrowSpecific Language Impairment
arrowSpeech Sound Disorders
arrowLanguage Delay in Disadvantaged Populations
Reading and Writing
arrowProcesses in Reading Acquisition
arrow Processes in Writing Acquisition
arrowEarly Literacy in English
arrowWord Reading and Reading Fluency in English
arrowReading Comprehension in English
arrowSpelling in English
arrowReading Acquisition in French Immersion
arrowReading Acquisition in ESL children
arrowReading Acquisition in Canadian Aboriginal Children
arrowReading Acquisition in Bilinguals
arrowReading Acquisition in Chinese-English Bilinguals
arrowNeuroscience of Reading Disabilities in Children
arrowDifficulties of Reading Acquisition in Chinese
arrowProcesses in Numeracy Acquisition
arrowEarly Numeracy
arrowMathematics in Primary School (ages 6 through 8)
arrowMathematics in Middle Childhood (ages 9 through 11)
arrowFactors Affecting Numeracy Acquisition
arrowNumeracy Difficulties and Disorders
Impact of Literacy
arrowInfluence of Literacy and the Environment on Language
arrowImpact of Literacy on Individuals and Society