Encyclopedia of Language and Literacy Development
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Gender marking of nouns
If a language distinguishes between masculine and feminine gender, for instance, then each noun belongs to one of those two genders. Arabic has gender marking, while English does not.
Gender terms
Terms that are gender specific, such as "he" for a man or "she" for a woman.
How well gains made during intervention transfer to other situations.
A type of sound in which the tongue and lips move during the production of the sound (e.g., /w/).
Glottal replacement
The production of a glottal stop instead of another consonant.
Glottal stop
A sound produced by momentarily closing the vocal cords (or glottis) (e.g., in English, the sound represented by the hyphen in 'uh-oh').
Grammatical ability
The ability to understand and produce proper sentence structures.
Grammatical inflections
A system of showing meaning by changing word endings, as in the English '-ed' inflection meaning past tense.
Grammatical knowledge
An individual's knowledge about how sentences in a language are constructed.
All of the letters and letter combinations representing a single phoneme.
Graphic organizers
Visual representations of ideas and concepts.
Graphophonic patterns
Refers to the corresponding sound relationships between the graphic representation (written word) and phonology (sounds that make up that word).
Gray matter
Located in the cortex on the outer part of the brain; one of the two major tissue components of the brain which contains the cell bodies and dendrites of the neurons that process and transmit information.