Encyclopedia of Language and Literacy Development
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Basal ganglia
A brain region located at the base or "basement" of the brain responsible for a variety of functions, including motor control and learning. The basal ganglia are abnormal in a number of important neurologic conditions (e.g., Parkinson disease).
Basal readers
Textbooks designed to teach reading to children. They use vocabularies that become increasingly complex and are often accompanied by workbooks or activities.
Using two dialects of the same language.
Sounds produced using the two lips (e.g., /p/ and /b/).
Having or involving two sides.
A person who speaks two languages with high proficiency.
The ability to speak or write with high proficiency in two languages.
The ability to read or write with high proficiency in two languages.
Brain lesions
An area of the brain that has been damaged by injury or disease.