Encyclopedia of Language and Literacy Development
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Aboriginal Early Language Promotion and Early Intervention
Acquisition of Mathematics in Primary School (Ages 6 through 8): Assessment
An Overview of Reading Acquisition
Assessing Early Literacy: On the Importance of a Clear Definition
Assessment of French Language Development
Assessment of Language Development in Arabic
Assessment of Language Learning in English Speaking Children
Assessment of Reading Ability in French immersion Students
Assessment of Reading Acquisition in Bilinguals C
Assessment of Reading Comprehension C
Assessment of Reading Difficulties in ESL/ELL Learners: Myths, Research Evidence, and Implications for Assessment C
Assessment of Word Reading and Reading Fluency in English C C
Bilingual Education in Aboriginal Communities: Towards a Vibrant Aboriginal Identity
Biological Processes Underlying Written Language Acquisition
Characteristics of French-English Language Development
Classroom Acoustics to Support Student Learning
Co-morbidity of Developmental Disorders of Mathematics Learning, Reading and Attention C C C
Cognitive Processes in the Development of Writing Expertise
Cognitive Processes Underlying Numeracy
Contribution of Language Skills to Long-term Outcomes for Children from Disadvantaged Backgrounds
Criteria for the Evaluation of Reading Assessment Tools C C
Critical/Sensitive Period for Second Language Acquisition
Defining Bilingualism
Developing Numeracy: Promoting a Rich Learning Environment for Young Children
Diagnosis of Specific Language Impairment
Diagnostic Evaluation of Children with Speech Sound Disorders C C
Difficulties in Word Reading and Fluency in English: Interventions C C
Early Literacy Development: Sequence of Acquisition
Early Milestones in the Development of Spoken English
Effective Interventions for Numeracy Difficulties/Disorders C C C
Effective Interventions for Specific Language Impairment
Effective Interventions for the Treatment of Speech Sound Disorders C C
ESL Children's Reading Development C
Factors that Influence Language Development
First Nations English Dialects in Young Children: Assessment Issues and Supportive Interventions
Fostering Early Literacy at Home (in Normally-Developing and At-Risk Children)
Fostering Early Numeracy at Home C
Fostering Early Numeracy in Preschool and Kindergarten C
Fostering Language Development in Arabic
Fostering Language Development in Children from Disadvantaged Backgrounds
Fostering Reading Acquisition in French Immersion
Fostering Reading Fluency in Normally-Developing and At-Risk Children C C
Functional Brain Imaging in Studies of Reading and Dyslexia
Genetic Basis of Reading Disabilities
Identification and Classification of Reading Disability in the Chinese Language
Identification, classification, and prevalence of developmental dyscalculia C C C
Important Processes for Reading Acquisition
Language Development and its Impact on Children's Psychosocial and Emotional Development C
Large-Scale Literacy Assessments of French Immersion Students
Learning About Literacy: Social Factors and Reading Acquisition
Learning Environments Underlying Literacy Acquisition
Learning Trajectories in Early Mathematics - Sequences of Acquisition and Teaching C
Linguistic Factors in Spelling Development
Literacy as an Outcome of Language Development and its Impact on Children's Psychosocial and Emotional Development C
Literacy Interventions for Chinese Children
Literacy Outcomes in French Immersion
Literacy, Language and Emotional Development C
Look Who's Counting! The 123s of Children's Mathematical Development During the Early School Years
Math Assessment in Middle Childhood
Mathematical Development in Middle Childhood
Mathematics Anxiety
Mathematics Instruction for Preschoolers
Mathematics Instruction in Middle Childhood
Mathematics Instruction in Primary School: The First Three Years
Methods for Understanding Literacy Improvements C C
Methods of Assessment of Young Children's Informal Mathematical Experiences C
Milestones in Arabic Language Development
Milestones in Bilingual Children's Language Development
Milestones of Language Development in French
Neurocognitive Causes of Numerical Difficulties/Disorders C C C
Neuroimaging of Numerical and Mathematical Development C C C
Prevalence of Speech and Language Disorders in Children C
Programs Supporting Young Children's Language Development C
Promoting Bilingualism in the Official Languages of Canada
Promoting Literacy Development in Bilingual Contexts C
Reading Acquisition in Young Aboriginal Children
Reading Comprehension Instruction C
Reading Comprehension: Its Nature and Development C
Reading in a Biological Context
Reading Instruction for English Language Learners C
Relation between Literacy Skills and the Health of Canadians
Research-Based Instructional Strategies for Promoting Children's Early Literacy Skills
Sequence of Reading Acquisition in Bilinguals C
Services and Programs Supporting Young Children's Language Development C
Short- and Long-Term Outcomes for Children with Primary Language Impairment (PLI)
Short- and Long-term Outcomes for Children with Speech Sound Disorders C C
Simultaneous Bilingual Acquisition
Social Consequence of Low Language/Literacy Skills
Social Skills Fuel Language Acquisition
Spelling Research: Classroom Implications
Strategies for Indigenous Language Revitalization and Maintenance
Structural Brain Imaging of Reading Ability in Children
The Causal Effects of Genes on Language Disorders across Clinical Conditions C
The Characteristics and Early Prediction of Dyslexia in Chinese-speaking Children
The Economic Benefits of Literacy
The Effect of Family Literacy Interventions On Children's Acquisition of Reading: From Kindergarten to Grade 3
The Impact of Language Development on the Psychosocial and Emotional Development of Young Children C
The Influence of Gender and Ethnicity on Numeracy Acquisition
The Influence of Vocabulary on Reading Acquisition C
The Influences of Different Number Languages on Numeracy Learning
The Learning Environmental Processes Underlying Writing Acquisition
The Relationship between Spelling and Reading Ability
The Role of Early Education in Language and Literacy Development
The Role of Language in Mathematical Development: Typical and Atypical Pathways
The Role of Working Memory in Numeracy Development
What Causes Specific Language Impairment in Children?
What role do genes play in language skills?
Why Spelling Is Important and How To Teach It Effectively
Word Reading Instruction Methods: The Evidence Concerning Phonics C C
Word Reading: Sequence of Acquisition C C

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